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Solar Battery Storage

Your One Stop Shop for all Leading Brands of Solar Battery Storage

Install a Solar Battery and store the power your panels generate for use day and night, leaving little or no need to purchase energy from the grid.

Our Trusted Experts will listen to your requirements and consult with you to decide what storage system would suit you best.


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How Solar Battery Storage Works

When you install a Battery Storage System, the excess energy your solar panels generate will be sent to your battery. This stores the sun’s energy throughout the day, often when you are at work.

This puts you in control of your power and can drastically reduce your power bills.

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Put a Spark in Your Step

Did you know you can now store the power from your solar panels in a solar battery?

This stores the energy free from the sun during the day for use at night!

Put a spark in your step with a BYD Mini battery storage solution.

Designed For Australia

Solar Australia pride themselves on being Your Local Solar and Battery Storage Experts. Recently partnering with BYD and local engineers to develop Australia’s leading battery storage system BYD B-Box to perfectly suit the Australian climate.

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Solar Panels for Your Home

With solar panels you can generate your own power, free from the sun.

Using only premium quality components, our panels are specifically designed for Australia's extreme conditions to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment.

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How Solar Works

Learn how solar panels absorb solar energy from sunlight and convert it via an inverter into electricity for use in your home or business.

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Which Solar Panel Solution is Right for Me?

Solar is not an off the shelf product.

Our friendly team will assess your family’s energy requirements and provide an obligation free quotation to meet your specific needs.

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Solar Hot Water

Installing solar hot water will not only save you money, but also reduce your household’s impact on the environment.

Choose from a roof-top collector or solar heat pump.

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Commercial Solar Products

Solar Australia have installed and custom designed commercial solar systems, saving Australian businesses thousands each year on electricity bills and minimising their carbon footprint.

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Why Go Solar

If your peak energy use is during daylight hours, solar panels can drastically reduce your energy bill.

We offer an obligation-free, no-hassle assessment of your site. Let us tailor a solar solution for your business and start saving with solar today.

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Commercial Lighting

Unless your business is equipped with the latest lighting technology, you are likely paying more money each month than you should be.

Solar Australia offers a commercial lighting retrofit solution for every business.

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Commercial Finance

Solar Australia can help you 'go solar' without costing the earth.

Start saving from day one, and use these savings to help pay off your system over time.

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Media Release: New B-Box Battery means no more suffering through catastrophic weather events.

NEWS: Media Release: New B-Box Battery means no more suffering through catastrophic weather events.

Solar Australia, which provides residential and commercial energy-efficient solutions, is pleased to announce the B-Box Battery Energy Storage System by BYD is now available in Australia.


New B-Box battery means no more sending power back to the grid or suffering through catastrophic weather events Solar Australia, which provides residential and commercial energy-efficient solutions.

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Solar Power Service and Maintenance

NEWS: Solar Power Service and Maintenance

Don't let an inflated Power Bill be the first indication that your Solar System is not working!
  • Check your inverter regularly for faults.
  • Document the inverter fault code / description on screen before calling our Service Department.
  • We may request you complete the inverter shut down procedure.



Shut Down Procedure Details

Solar Hot Water

Switching to a solar water heater is one of the most effective ways to reduce your energy usage and save money on your power bills.



No matter who installed your solar system, our fully qualified technicians are available 5 days a week for all your service needs.



With a $0 Upfront Finance option you can start saving from day one, and use these savings to help pay off your system over time.