Drastically reduce your power bills with a solar hot water system

Choosing A Solar Hot Water System

Hot water can be one of the largest users of electricity in the house, which is why more and more homes are turning to solar hot water solutions to bring their power bills down.

If you have plenty of direct sun during the day, a roof mounted solar collector is your best choice. With this highly efficient and reliable solution the sun heats up the hot water collector which feeds directly into your hot water appliances. Often a backup electrical element supplements this during high hot water demand or low sunshine periods.

If you can’t have solar hot water collectors on your roof due to available space or shading, then a solar heat pump is a great solution. Contact us to discuss solar heat pump options in more detail.

Roof-Mounted Solar Collectors

Installing solar hot water will not only save you money, but also reduce your household’s impact on the environment. At Solar Australia, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality solar hot water systems, leading industry warranties and exceptional after sales service.

Evacuated tube solar collectors are fast becoming the preferred option for residential and commercial hot water in Australia due to their high efficiency, lightweight and low maintenance construction. Apricus are Australian owned and operated and offer a 15 Year warranty on roof components* and a 10 Year warranty on storage tanks*. To learn more contact us or download the Apricus product brochure.

Solar Heat Pumps

A solar heat pump operates similar to a household air conditioner or refrigerator (in reverse). Air is drawn into the heat pump with a fan and then through an evaporator which contains a special type of refrigerant.

This refrigerant, R134a, has a boiling point of -21°C, meaning that your heat pump will still function in extremely cold conditions.

The refrigerant, now in gaseous form, is then compressed by the heat pump, which generates heat. This heat is then transferred into the storage tank, heating your household’s water supply for later use.

Since the heat has been extracted from the refrigerant, the cool liquid returns to the evaporator to start the process all over again.

Quantum Heat Pump

Quantum are the experts in Heat Pump Water Heating technology. Since 1977, Quantum have been developing their patented technology, their products have been tried and tested to perform reliably and efficiently – in even the harshest conditions throughout all of Australia. To learn more contact us or download the Quantum product brochure.

Why choose Quantum?

Solar without the Panels
All the benefits of solar hot water, without the need for sunlight! Our heat pump can provide you with hot water which operate in all climates, at all times of the day.

Patented Tank Wrap Design
Offering the fastest hot water recovery rate in the heat pump market.

Excellent for Use in Poor Water Conditions
The water does not make contact with any operational components, only the inner lining of the tank.

No Boost Elements
Quantum heat pumps can operate in ambient temperatures as low as minus 15°C. No booster elements, means less energy consumption.

Easy Installation
No solar roof panels, compact design – reduced labour and installation costs.

Saves Money
Cuts up to 75% of running costs compared to electric and LPG storage units.

Low Noise Rating
Ultra quiet technology as low as 48DB, thats less than a split system air conditioner.