Affordable Repayments and Immediate Savings on your Energy Costs!

Many businesses use a large amount of energy and subsequently receive high power bills. Instead of paying money to the energy retailers, why not use it to pay off a new solar panel system?

We provide a financing plan that lets you install a system with no upfront payment while you enjoy an immediately lower electricity bill, while also reducing your carbon footprint. Contact us to tailor a solar solution and finance package to suit your business.

Business Scenarios

Scenario 1.
Current Business with NO Solar

You’re using electricity for your business, paying money to the energy retailer, with no asset.

You continue to try and meet the rising costs of electricity, wholly at the mercy of the energy retailer and fluctuations in inflation, with no foreseeable future benefit or respite as a result.

Sound familiar?

Now let’s compare your situation with Scenario 2.

Scenario 2.

Business Installing Solar

Install solar with $0 Upfront Finance, any energy savings generated will save you on energy bills that you would normally pay to your energy retailer.

You can now use those savings to finance your business’s solar asset, which in most cases is cash positive from day one.

This asset will continue to save you into the future and will also safeguard your business against future energy rises.

Commercial Solar Finance Options


A cash Purchase allows your business the highest returns from installing a commercial solar power system; however it requires an initial upfront investment in the system.

For more information about the right finance options for your business, talk to one of our trusted solar and battery storage experts on 1300 000 SOLAR (1300 000 76527) or click on the below button to send us a message.

Lease | Rental

A solar Lease \ Rental allows you to install a commercial solar system on your premises with a payment plan to eliminate the upfront capital investment required. Most Businesses are usually cash positive from day 1 allowing the savings to pay of the solar system and save on power bills.

By spreading the cost of the installation out over an agreed payment term, your business can have the advantages of solar power from day one without the drain on cash flow. Solar Australia will work with our finance partner to enable you to install solar power or you can use your own finance option.

Power Purchase Agreement

A great way to save on power bills with NO Upfront Cost. Your business can save on energy costs with long term hedging against future energy price rises with a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). A Solar PPA allows you to install solar power on your business without any upfront capital investment $0 – with no significant effect on cash flow.

A Solar PPA means you are buying the solar electricity produced by the solar system at a reduced tariff rate then currently from your energy retailer. After the term you can purchase the solar system for just $1.00.