We are very happy with our solar system. We received our first bill that included solar for the entire billing period. Usage down to just over one third of our average and price down from approximately $500 this time of year to just $91. We are really impressed. Thanks for your help and advice.

Jonathon P.

In using the BYD battery I have been able to store excess solar rather than exporting it. Load shifting has enabled me to save a huge amount of money.

Robert B.

Very happy with the experience. Everything was done when you said it would be done, and to an exceptional standard. Thank you.

Ian M.

I had a pool installed recently, with a few different tradies in and out and they left the site with issues. In contrast, Solar Australia came in, did their job and everything was good. I had a look on the roof and it was a good job.

The installers were easy to talk to, good at their job and knew what was going on. The girls in the office were very helpful and able to answer questions and if not, put me in touch with right person.

My panels had to be separated on the roof so the inspector determined that the best option would be for micro inverters. I never knew much about the systems but he explained everything to me on the day.

Scott M.

Can’t thank the boys enough for their work, especially Mick and his helper and his boss for all their work. And unbelievable patience, persistence and work. Cannot thank them enough.

Ian L.

I am very happy with my whole solar experience and the service of Service Australia. The BYD battery saves me money, is fully automatic and I am so happy that I am in the process of talking my son into purchasing a BYD battery too.

Paul R.

Very very happy. They have already produced more power than what was on the estimated sheet; 28, 29 and one day nearly 30kW. Thanks – looking forward to our first bill to see how we went.

Craig and Kerrie B.

Paul has gone over and above any other company with his advice, professional approach and kindness shown today to me. This young man took his time to explain each and every step in language that I could understand and definitely given 110%.

I cannot say enough about this man and Solar Australia in general as all steps have been easy and it’s a pleasure to do business with you all.

Kevin L.

The BYD battery’s range and variation of settings have enabled it to be programmed to my individual requirements.

Its ability to provide essential power during blackouts has also come in handy. Overall it is a brilliant product and I wish I had bought the larger storage capacity model.

Ian R.

Thank you for making our transition into solar energy soooo easy. A company that actually works for their customers. Two big thumbs up!!!

Taryn I.

Overall – solar hot water and solar panels guys very friendly and helpful – great tradesmen – very pleased – nothing was a problem – would gladly recommend them to others.

Lynette G.

Love Solar Australia. They have been amazing helping us with installing our solar panels 6 years ago, installing our BYD battery last year, and now about to install our Net Smart Meter.

Their service is unbelievable, from the office staff, field staff, Engineers and workmen who all go out of their way to help and are really friendly. They constantly monitor their customers solar systems, so if there is a problem, they are onto it immediately. They always answer phone calls, emails etc unlike many other companies.

You can not ask for better service. If there is a problem they do everything they can to rectify the problem as quickly as possible and make sure their customers are happy with the result.

This is the beauty of dealing with a local Australian company who really put their customers first and foremost.
Thank you Solar Australia we are so happy we chose you to install our solar requirements.

Gail D.

The salesman was highly professional and understandable, even though I am not from an electrical background. Installation team very incredibly efficient, cleaned up any mess, very polite, very knowledgeable regarding installation location options.

I would also say they were very considerate of our pets, ensuring they kept the gate shut and an eye on the dogs. Very pleased with the result and I would recommend your services to anyone interested in solar.


Our Solar Australia experience has been unbelievable. Since putting in solar, installing Solar Australia LED lights, swapping energy providers and implementing the energy-saving strategies our quarterly bill has gone from $1100 down to $320. We couldn’t be happier. Our friends who have installed solar with you are also very happy.

David S.

With the price of power going up, the best thing to do was to go to solar; and Solar Australia helped me with that. They helped me decide on the right size system through the amount of power that I was using, the right payback period that could be achieved and they came up with the right system for my business.

I wouldn’t hesitate to give something the best advice and say: go for it – put the solar power on because it’s going to help your business tremendously.

Richard M, Port Plastics and Tooling | 45kW

Solar Australia have been in business for a long time and I thought that if anyone knew anything about solar, they would. The experience was very good – we had a team of people arrive here on Saturday morning, there were 120 panels to be put up; they worked ‘til dark and from that day on it’s been a wonderful experience.

Les M, Cameron Park Early Learning Centre | 30 kW

I can say that we regard Solar Australia as a very professional and efficient business to work with. From the onset of the program to completion there was no stone left unturned, and all agreements were comfortably met throughout the whole build.

The installation team was extremely professional and caused no interruption to our business at any time. The job is immaculate. We are very pleased with Solar Australia and the products they provided. We are certainly looking forward to the benefits of producing solar energy and thank Solar Australia for placing us in that position.

Garry D, Hunter Ice Skating Stadium | 100 kW

Solar Australia came in and went through our electricity account at the time. They went around our building to see what we could or what we couldn’t put on our roof and where was the best place that they could place the solar. All in all we’ve done very well. My advice for anyone considering solar for their business would be to get in touch with Solar Australia – anything that can get our current electricity bills down is worth the investment.

Anne Farr, Denman RSL Club | 45 kW
I just thought I should say thank you for your efforts on our behalf and to the folks at Solaraus who contributed to the exchange of our inverter. The chap that put it up couldn’t have been more helpful or professional in making sure that I knew how to read the meter and what to look for with the new unit. Once again thank you for your efforts.
Jim C.
We had 6 solar panels fitted in February 2013. Since then we have received 3 bills. The dearest bill was $126.00; the last bill was $115.00. We are aged pensioners and we were advised to use the electricity during the day, i.e. showers, cooking, washing, heating, A/C etc., with minimum power during the evening & night.
Compared to the previous years’ bills we have saved over $300.00 per quarter on each bill. We highly recommend using Solar Australia to have 6 or 8 or more panels fitted.
Tina and Bill
The BYD battery is efficient, easy to configure, absolutely reliable and is a very effective storage solution. It matches our needs and power consumption very well. I have off peak power and can charge at the cheaper rate during wet weather. Overall I am very pleased with the system.
Greg T.
Very impressed with your professional and friendly staff. Knew their product and industry well and overcame unexpected hurdles with aplomb! I will be recommending your company to others who are interested in solar power systems.
Sarah H.
I love the independence the BYD battery offers with minimal reliance on the grid.
Brian M.
Hi Guys, I just wanted to let you and the world know how much money we have saved since placing Solar on our roof. This time last year our bill was over $700, this year… $119.00! August to Nov last year prior to installation was $2000… this year it was $333.82. Come on Australia, get onto Solar because at these savings it has put a spring in my step.

Changing suppliers has made an added difference and I cannot speak more highly of the staff at Energy Australia. Thank you Solar Australia for looking after us, and helping long term in our financial survival.

Janice S.