What Your Solar Investment Will Look Like In 10 Years

March 15th, 2018|

At Solar Australia, we believe that your decision to install solar panels and battery storage is a valuable investment for the future. When looking at investing in solar or battery storage you can look forward to lower electricity bills and a credit on any excess energy your don’t use and is sent back to the grid.

Over a ten year period, the amount saved on your electricity bills from your solar investment will make a significant difference, financially and environmentally.

While your energy use and the size of your solar system are the major factors that determine your actual savings. The general guide is that your savings increase each year you have solar on your home or business. There is no doubt the price of electricity will continue to rise but your solar panels will continue to produce free energy from the sun to power you home or business, reducing your need to rely on the grid for electricity.

We know solar is an environmentally and economically sensible investment. We also know many worry about the upfront cost but there are many finance options available, making solar and battery storage very affordable.

Consider an average quarterly bill of $900. This is an annual spend of $3,600. Over 5 years this quarterly electricity bill will be $18,000! With solar and battery storage the potential savings over the 5 year period could have been invested towards renovating the family home, family holidays or even paying off your mortgage sooner!

Your Solar Savings* Over A 10 Year Period…

And that’s without taking into consideration price rises and inflation!

* Average spend for a medium sized household.
* Having solar and battery storage does not guarantee a zero power bill. Savings vary. We recommend a site inspection to get a better savings estimate.