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Cheaper is Not Always Better

Cheaper is Not Always Better

The cheapest deal is very rarely the best deal. So why do we get so easily enticed by unbelievably cheap solar deals that appear so totally believable?

If you want the cheapest solar systems on the market, just google “cheap solar”. There will be numerous cheap deals. There was just one recently offering a 5kW system for $4,000. But a quality 5kW installation will cost approximately $6,000 - $9,000.

While the system starts off cheaper than any other offer on the market, the long term consequences of buying a cheap system generally end up being more expensive. So what is the catch? How do these companies sell systems at such a low price? 

Here are some selling tactics we have seen: 

1. Bait and Switch. They use quality components as the bait, advertising genuine Tier 1 panels and a top end inverter.

They put in their conditions of sale that they reserve the right to swap out the inverter and panels for ‘equivalents’.

Then, they install a really cheap inverter and panels instead; or they don’t advertise the brand of panels and inverter, just a really low price.

When the customer makes an enquiry, they upsell them to better hardware, with the customer paying much, much more than the originally advertised price. 

2. Cutting Corners on the Install.

If you want a system that is well designed for your roof and your consumption patterns:

Then please be cautious of the ‘too good to be true’ offers. If you are considering installing solar for your home or business, Solar Australia can help. We have been around for over 10 years, use high quality components and we tailor your solar system specifically to home or business.

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