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Solar Australia Offers a Commercial Lighting Retrofit Solution For Every Business.

Commercial Lighting

If you’re in business, your lighting is costing you money. The fact is, unless your business is equipped with the latest lighting technology, you are likely paying more money each month than you should be.

Our Energy Efficiency Lighting Replacement Program offers an obligation-free, no-hassle assessment of your site. Talk to the experts – it costs you nothing and can save you real dollars.

Fluorescent, Halogen and ‘discharge’ (factory) lighting have all been superseded by emerging technologies such as LED, T-5 fluorescent and induction lighting. Our job is to find the right quality alternative, not just a cheap imitation.

As technology continues to move extremely quickly in this field, we strive to stay up to date with all advancements. No company is better connected to industry at this level than Solar Australia.


Energy Savings Scheme For Business Lighting

Solar Australia is an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP) under the ESS. This means that you have the option of nominating Solar Australia to calculate, create and register Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs) generated from your lighting retrofit. In this case, Solar Australia can provide a discount for these ESCs which will go towards subsidising your lighting retrofit and thus will shorten the payback period of your investment.

View more information on the ESS

Solar Australia has installed over 20,000 Solar Systems throughout Australian homes.