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The technically advanced, affordable battery that Australia has been waiting for is here — introducing the B-BOX LV. BYD, the world's largest lithium-ion battery manufacturer, in conjunction with Australian local engineers, have customised the B-BOX for the Australian market. 

The B-BOX is an excellent battery. The innovative modular design means additional batteries can be added to increase storage capacity, providing more power without increasing the battery's footprint. 

 B Box LV with Modules





  Key features

   > 10 years battery manufacturer’s warranty
   > Battery technology delivers higher usable kWh capacity
   > Expand at your convenience
   > Blackout protection
   > Enables Solar systems to continue to provide useable energy throughout a blackout
   > Suitable for single phase and three phase homes and businesses   
   > Local Australian support 

Monitor Online

Partnered with GoodWe inverter, monitor online or via the app.

GoodWe is a manufacturer of inverters whose products are used in residential and commercial solar PV systems Australia wide. Since its beginnings in 2010 GoodWe have won numerous awards.



> Allows the battery to power your household appliances that draw a larger load of up to 5kW.

> Grid-interactive or grid-independent options for management.

> Determine and set the charge and discharge, start and finish time.


BBOX LV Specifications Table

Installing the BYD B-BOX LV with Solar Australia is easy! We take care of everything from design to install to after sale service. Stop high power bills and take control of your energy today. We also offer Finance Packages. To talk to one of our trusted solar experts call us on 1300 000 76527 or click on the below button to send us a message.

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