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BYD supplying batteries for public transport

BYD supplying batteries for public transport

Here at Solar Australia, we know the benefits of adding a solar battery to a residential or commercial solar energy system.

Over the past year, we’ve seen solar and battery technology more frequently used in public transport.

Just recently, we shared on social media recently that Byron Bay is set to get a world-first solar-powered train. In June, Brisbane Airport announced it would add 11 electric Carbridge Toro buses to its fleet which will all feature BYD batteries.

BYD has been a long-term partner of Solar Australia, supplying batteries for our residential and commercial customers.

Inside the buses, BYD’s 324kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack is split between the forward roof and rear engine compartment zones and gives the 70-seat bus a range of 500 kilometres, or up to 100 transfer journeys on a single charge.

Brisbane Airport’s Martin Ryan spoked about the fleet's environmental credentials.

"The new fleet will be super quiet and environmentally clean, having reduced noise pollution and zero tail pipe emissions," he said.

"In fact, swapping out our current fleet for electric buses will result in a reduction of 250 tonnes of carbon emissions each year, equivalent to taking 100 cars off the road.”

The buses will be up and running in February 2018 and will be managed by Australian bus manufacturer and logistics group, Carbridge.

Carbridge is an Australian airport bus company with 45 years of experience, operating services at Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Singapore and Sydney airports.

Carbridge chief executive Luke Todd said the company's Toro electric buses use kinetic power regeneration technology to produce charge as the buses decelerate.

"This advanced technology further reduces battery recharging frequency as power generation is created by the buses whilst in motion,” Mr Todd said.

Last year, BYD was involved in the introduction of the Electric Blu buses at Sydney Airport.

BYD Asia Pacific Auto Sales Division general manager, Liu Xueliang said he and the team are happy to see more people in Australia supporting electric public transport.

Around 22.5 million passengers travelled through Brisbane Airport in 2016, making it the third busiest in Australia by passenger traffic. To read more about the range of BYD batteries Solar Australia offers Click Here