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The Benefits of adding a Battery to your Solar Energy System

The Benefits of adding a Battery to your Solar Energy System

There has been much talk in the media lately about rising electricity prices in Australia.

A recent Climate Council of Australia report has confirmed that, “Four Australian states (South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia) are among the top six places with the highest electricity prices when compared with 91 other countries, states and provinces worldwide.”

Support for solar power in Australia is strong with an estimated 1.4 million Australian households using solar to manage their electricity bills. However, one of the criticisms of solar energy has been that they are intermittent generators of electricity, meaning they only produce power when the sun’s shining.

That’s where adding battery storage to rooftop solar offers a great opportunity for Australian households and businesses to use a much greater share of the solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity they generate and minimise the need to use costly electricity from the grid.

For example, households with only solar panels can typically only use their solar energy during daylight hours but adding a battery storage system means it’s possible to use the energy produced in the daytime at night.

An added benefit of using this daytime stored energy at night is that using grid electricity at nighttime takes place in what electricity suppliers deem to be the ‘peak period’ meaning your grid electricity used at nighttime comes at a higher cost.

At Solar Australia, we sell and install all the leading battery brands from BYD, Enphase LG and now Tesla. You can read more about Solar Australia’s range of batteries here.

So to recap, the benefits of adding a battery to your solar energy system are:

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